• We bake the real Armenian Lavash flat-bread

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Trusted Stores

# Store Name Address City Postal Code Phone Information
1 Lavash Bread House Ltd. (click for map) 55 Winges Rd. Un.5 Woodbridge L4L 6C6 905-265-8036; Toll free: 1-855-LAVASH-1 Organic White and Organic Country Style lavsh
2 Garni Bakery (click for map) 9555 Yonge St Richmond Hill L4C 5T2 905-770-5700
3 Yummy Market (click for map) 1390 Major Mackenzie Drive Vaughan L6A 4H6 905-417-4117 Organic White and Organic Country Style lavash
4 Yummy Market (click for map) 4400 Dufferin St North York M3H 5X2 416-665-0040 Organic White and Organic Country Style lavsh
5 Arz Bakery (click for map) 1909 Lawrence Ave.E Scarborough M1R 2Y6 416-755-5084 Organic Country Style lavsh
6 Highland Farms (click for map) 50 Matheson Blvd Mississauga L4Z 1N5 905-501-9910 Organic White and Organic Country Style lavsh
7 Highland Farms (click for map) 850 Ellesmere Scarborough M1P 2W3 416-298-1999 Organic White and Organic Country Style lavsh
8 Coppa’s Fresh Market (click for map) 3300 Rutherford Rd Vaughan L4K 5Z2 905-303-3999 Organic White and Organic Country Style lavsh
9 Coppa’s Fresh Market (click for map) 4750 Dufferin St North York M3H 5S8 416-736-6606 Organic White and Organic Country Style lavsh
10 Adonis Market (click for map) 1240 Eglinton Ave West Mississauga L5V 1N3 905-363-0707 Organic White and Organic Country Style lavsh
11 KHORAK Supermarket (click for map) 6125 Yonge St Toronto M2M 3W8
12 Parsian Fine Foods (click for map) 8129 Yonge St Vaughan L3T 2C6 905-709-1400 Organic Country Style lavsh
13 Starsky Fine Foods (click for map) 2040 Dundas St. East Mississauga l4X 2X8 905-279-8889
14 Starsky Fine Foods (click for map) 3115 Dundas St West Mississauga L5L 3R8 905-363-2000
15 Starsky Fine Foods (click for map) 685 Queenstone Rd Hamilton L8G 1A1 905-573-8885
16 Shef Kebab (click for map) 3245 Finch Ave.East Scarborough M1W 4C1 647-874-1314 Organic Country Style lavsh
17 Pars Food Canada (click for map) 365 John St, Un 4-6 Vaughan L3T 5W5 905-881-8007
18 Pars Food Canada (click for map) 6089 Yonge St. North York M2M 3W2 416-223-0020
19 Richmond Hill Deli (click for map) 9631 Yonge St Richmond Hill L4C 1V7 905-884-3519 Organic Country Style lavsh
20 Your Community Grocery (click for map) 45 Four Winds Dr. Unit S, University City Mall Toronto M3J 1K7 416-663-6000 Organic Country Style lavsh
21 OCEANS III Fresh Food Market (click for map) 4557 Hurontario Mississauga L4Z 3M1 905-568-8988
22 Sunny (click for map) 747 Don Mills Rd., Un. 60 Toronto 416-900-1699
23 Mark's International Deli (click for map) 562 Sheppard Ave Toronto L1V 1G1 416-638-0533 Organic Country Style lavsh
24 European Meat & Fruit Centre (click for map) 4949 Bathurst St, Un.8 Toronto M2R 1Y1 416-223-1320
25 Balout Super Market (click for map) 13130 Yonge St. Richmond Hill L4E 1A8 905-313-8300
26 Akiva's Fruit and Deli (click for map) 6243 Bathurst St Toronto M2R 2A5 416-733-9733
27 Essence of Life Organic (click for map) 50 Kensington Ave Toronto M5T 2K1 416-506-0345 Organic White and Organic Country Style lavsh
28 Baghdad Market (click for map) 29-3255 Rutherford Rd. Vaughan L4K 5Y5 905-532-0532 Organic Country Style lavsh
29 Town & Country (click for map) 3355 Hurontario Mississauga L5A 4E7 905-275-2781
30 Stefanie's Village (click for map) 10815 Bathurst St. Richmond Hill L4C 9Y2 905-770-6394 Organic Country Style lavsh
31 Ararat International Fine Food (click for map) 1800 Avenue Road Toronto M5M 3Z5 416-855-0988 Organic White and Organic Country Style lavsh
32 Bathurst Village (click for map) 5984 Bathurst St. North York M2R 1Z1 416-650-0684 Organic Country Style lavsh
33 Sweet Potato (click for map) 2995 Dundas St. West Toronto M6P 1Z4 416-762-4848 Organic White and Organic Country Style lavsh
34 Nature`s Emporium (click for map) 16655 Yonge St. Unit 27 Newmarket 905-898-1844 Organic White and Organic Country Style lavash
35 Aurora Delicatessen (click for map) 1548 Yonge St. Aurora L4G 1N9 905-726-1366
36 Knish Deli Market (click for map) 1102 Centre St Thornhill L4J 3M8 905-881-5231 Organic Country Style lavash
37 Sahara Market (click for map) 9301 Bathurst Street Richmond Hill L4C 9S2 905-770-6266
38 King Deli (click for map) 60 King Rd Richmond Hill L41 1A8 289-234-0985 Organic Country Style lavsh
39 365 Deli (click for map) 160 Wellington E Aurora L46 3W1 905-503-3365
40 Odessa Deli (click for map) 372 Marlee Ave. Toronto M6B 3H9 416-787-4249
41 Al Premium (click for map) 1970 Eglinton Ave East Scarborough M1L 2M6 416-751-3666
42 Pusateri's (click for map) 1539 Avenue Road Toronto M5M 3X4 416-785-9100
43 Pusateri's (click for map) 2901 Bayview Avenue Toronto M2K 1E6 416-785-9100
44 Adonis Market (click for map) 20 Ashtonbee Road Toronto M1L 3K9 416-642-1515 Organic White and Organic Country Style lavsh
45 Nations Fresh Foods (click for map) 445 King St W Hamilton L8P1B8 905-525-8188
46 Sunny Foodmart (click for map) 1620 Albion Rd Toronto M9V 4B4 416-745-2988
47 Seasons Foodmart (click for map) 7181 Yonge St Suite 336 Thornhill L3T 0C7 905-597-9399
48 Ani Ristorante (click for map) 1450 Clark Ave West Thornhill L4J 7R5 905-761-6484
49 Daryani Bakery (click for map) 10670 Yonge St Richmond Hill L4C 3C9 905-237-5046
50 Shayan Convinience store (click for map) 10720 Yonge St Richmond Hill L4C 3C9 905-780-5947
51 Nature’s Emporium (click for map) 2535 Major Mackenzie Dr W Maple L6A 1C6 905-553-5527
52 Vatan Fine Foods (click for map) 16880 Yonge St., Unit 4 Newmarket L3Y 0A3 905-898-8883
53 Watan Halal Supermarket (click for map) 6750 Winston Churchill Blvd. Missisauga 289-997-1771
54 Banu (click for map) 777 Queen St. W. Toronto M6J 1G1 416-777-2268
55 Paramount Butcher Shop (click for map) 4646 Heritage Hills Blvd. Missisauga L5R 1N4 905-890-1700
56 Hong Tai Supermarket (click for map) 2555 Victoria Park Ave. Scarborough M1T 1A3 416-773-1166
57 The Big Carrot (click for map) 348 Danforth Ave. Toronto M4K 1N8 416-466-2129, ext. 349
58 Apna Farm (click for map) 2965 Hazelton Pl. Missisauga L5M 6J3 905-608-1919
59 Al Marwa Halal Meat Supermarket (click for map) 4665 Central Pkwy E., Unit 1 Missisauga L4Z 2V5 905-507-2252
60 Crystal Grand Banquet Hall (click for map) 2110 Dundas St. E., Unit 4 Missisauga L4X 1L9 905-277-2800
61 Ava Food Market (click for map) 193 Sheppard Ave. E. Toronto M2N 3A8 647-347-7065

Caring for your Lavash

  • If lavash is comsumed within one or two days, you can store it at room temperature, wrapping it up completely in a kitchen towel or a plastic bag

    Cool storage

    For long-term storage,put lavash into a plastic bag and refrigerate it. Lavash can be kept soft for approximately 10 days without losing its taste and quality.

    Dry storage

    Lavash bread dries well in several hours if placed unwrapped at room temperature, and can be kept well several months in a dry place.

    How to soften Lavash

    To soften dried Lavash, sprinkle it with water half an hour before serving, wrap in a kitchen towel, set it aside and let it absorb the water until it softens.